Online counselling and hypnotherapy services

Online counselling and hypnotherapy services

Online counselling and hypnotherapy servicesOnline counselling and hypnotherapy services

About counselling

About Us

Counselling.Melbourne is a private counselling practice located in Malvern.

Grounded in a mission of helping others with growth and self-discovery, provides people with keys and tools to make improvements in every aspect of their lives.  Be it personal or professional, I help others find a path that leads to happiness, success and improved wellbeing.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?   

While there is some overlap between the two, counselling is about finding the solutions & resources which can help you manage your current situation.  While medication can be immediately helpful , therapy helps you understand your present situation so that you can build resilience and personal skills to help you meet future challenges as they arise.   

Psychotherapy on the other hand is a slower, deeper process. The ability to reflect on the psychological and emotional aspects of your life, takes time and patience.  It is through a critically reflective process that unhelpful patterns can be identified and traced back to their origins.  Once identified, the emotion keeping you tied to the initial experience can be released, freeing you of the sensitivity to triggers which may arise in relationships. 

Unconscious processes, which are glimpsed through dreams or recurring motifs, can also be looked at within the context of your explorations, providing alternative perspectives or directions in therapy.   

In contrast,  clinical hypnotherapy which is also available at Counselling.Melbourne, is a faster process.  Using  a mixture of relaxation techniques and guided imagery you can be eased into a natural everyday trance.  

Trance is often described as being  a state of heightened yet relaxed state of awareness, and it is here where those aha! moments occur, those flashes of insight which provide solutions to long-puzzling dilemmas, lighting  the way forward.    

Digital recordings are available for clients to take home for daily use.   

Smoking cessation and healthy eating support are also available as programs and are  supported by the use of take home audio recordings.  

At the conviction is held that when we are deeply understood our own healing capacities unlock, creating the opportunity for lasting change.  By understanding our past we can change our future for the better.

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Online counselling services are available

About Us

Astrid Southey | Counselling Melbourne

Astrid Southey

What to Expect with Counselling

What to Expect with Counselling

(Bachelor of Counselling, Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Associate Degree of Holistic Counselling*, and Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy)

Member of PACFA, AHA and HTA

Appreciation of people as individuals with their own experience’s of life and their unique internal resources  has always been my focus when joining them on their healing journey. 

When studying for an associate degree in   Holistic Counselling,  I was introduced to wide range of counselling approaches and have been particularly intrigued  by Carl Jung's work on the unconscious mind and his explorations on archetype and myth.  

Milton Erickson, the famous hypnotherapist has also fascinated me with his emphasis on the utilisation of a clients own resources in therapy.    More recently I have furthered my interest in attachment theory with preliminary training in the Three Pillar Model for Adult Attachment Repair, which is based on the work of Dr. Daniel Brown, the Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. 

These scientifically-oriented writers have really informed my therapeutic approach, and showed me ways where people can be understood more deeply and helped more profoundly.

At Counselling.Melbourne I use a variety of tools to tailor individual therapeutic programs for a range of client issues including relationship difficulties, coping with anxiety, breaking unhelpful habits as well as self-discovery and actualisation.

Whether it is uncovering the origins of self-defeating behaviour or being able to identify sticking points in our emotional reflections,  speaking with me (in the clinic in either Malvern or South Yarra or through online counselling at home), you can be helped to clarify your emotions.  It is through critical self-reflection that you can refine your fit to the environment which supports you.  

By understanding your past you can change your present and future.


What to Expect with Counselling

What to Expect with Counselling

What to Expect with Counselling

Following your email to my office, I will call you to schedule our first appointment where you will be able to tell me about yourself and something  about your issue. 

Please allow time for our first session where we can talk about treatment options, your preferred clinic, the mode of delivery for services and the outcomes you hope to achieve with therapy. 

Counselling is available in Malvern or online if you live in other areas of Melbourne or Victoria

Whether you are needing help with relationships, anxiety or depression, the initial consultation can take place on the phone or online, using the secure Zoom platform, or in the Malvern clinic.

During this consultation you will be asked some general questions about your health, lifestyle and family background and what it is which has brought you to counselling.

After I have designed your therapeutic program, you will be contacted to discuss a projected timeline for therapy together with opportunities for adjustments (online or clinic visits),  and estimation for costs.  



Referrals and rebates

What to Expect with Counselling

Referrals and rebates

No doctors referrals are needed to access services at  This is particularly helpful for those wishing to preserve confidentiality over health services they choose to use.  

However if you do wish to to recover the costs of therapy and happen to have the right cover with Medibank Private you can claim for clinic sessions in Malvern or South Yarra.  At this stage no rebates are available for online therapy.

If you are on the NDIS and self-manage your plan you can also claim your counselling services.