Hypnosis & Therapy


Hypnotherapy is useful for number of issues:  reducing anxiety through the induction of trance or guided visualisation,   help with quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption or  even help with sleeping.  Support for lifestyle changes is also where hypnosis can help whether it is improving motivation for exercise or to help with healthy eating.  The management of diabetes2 is another area of life which can be helped with hypnosis.

Do you ever wonder what hypnosis is?  Well it is best described as a heightened sense of attentiveness made possible by the tuning out of external distractions and bringing your attention to your inner world.   It is an extension of the everyday trance; that state when you're walking down the street while remembering your last holiday or thinking about a song and someone you love.     When we watch TV we enter a state of trance thanks to the flicker rate of the screen.  

When you come to see me in South Yarra or Malvern for a hypnotherapy session you will be using the state of trance INTENTIONALLY  to improve aspects of your life, to clarify your needs in relationship, to help you shed unhelpful habits or as a support in healthy lifestyle habits. 

Hypnotherapy requires anywhere between 3 and 12 sessions before changes will be felt, especially if the issue has been a factor in your life for many years.   Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand which sweeps away life-long habits in a single session.  While a quit smoking program may take three sessions, uncovering other issues may take quite a bit longer.

As with Counselling, the first session will be an opportunity for me to get to know you and understand your issue within the context of your life. I will ask questions about your general health, your family of origin,  various lifestyle questions and then ask you to describe your presenting issue and your therapeutic goals. 


Our first session together forms the basis of your treatment plan, and if you are committed to making positive changes in your life you can schedule your future appointments in a number of ways.

As with counselling, there are opportunities to assess therapeutic progress throughout your visits.



Hypnosis for motivation and support for lifestyle changes