Relationships and Intimacy

At Counselling.Melbourne there is no right or wrong relationship, there is no allocation of blame when you come to counselling.  Together we work to find what is important to both people and how closely the relationship meets those individual needs.

As Alain de Botton observes, self-awareness rarely informs our selection of romantic partners.  However by going over those qualities which initially attracted us to our partner, we can  reestablish lines of communication which may have become frayed in difficult times.   If we take the opportunity of understanding ourselves through our relationship with others,  an abundance of self-development blessings will present themselves.

If you are willing to take the time, our relationship counselling service provides the space to help you with critical self-reflection and insight which can liberate you from the endless loop of repeating patterns in relationships.

John Bowlby (2012), considered that our very first relationship in life forms the blueprint for all other relationships. The instinctive mother-infant bond being fundamental to a child's development.  Daniel Brown PhD (2016), takes this a step further saying that any disruptions to this bonding process will have lasting effects on a person's ability to form consistent relational bonds with others.   It is estimated that 30% of the population have one form of attachment disturbance or another (Brown & Elliott, 2016). When we are in a relationship we aren't only working through our own ability to form and maintain relationships but our partners as well.

Relationship counselling is a collaborative process and together we work towards the clarification of emotions and improving self-awareness and communication which helps to resolve any emotional impasse which may exist between you.